Youth At Risk Launceston

Social Housing

Much needed crisis accommodation for vulnerable youth aged 12 to 15 at risk of homelessness is addressed through this important community housing development in Launceston.

The project involves modifications to an existing double storey building and creation of a modern extension. It comprises 8 bedrooms plus sleeping quarters for one support worker and includes a communal kitchen/dining area, lounge spaces, a staff office, meeting rooms, and a gym and recreational room. All public areas are readily accessible on the ground floor, with private amenities and most accommodation located on the upper floor.

Design considerations include:

  • creating a home-like, non-institutional environment
  • ensuring that bedroom configurations are flexible to enable residents to be appropriately accommodated by gender or age as needed
  • enabling residents with disabilities to access all amenities
  • grouping recreational spaces to foster social engagement opportunities
  • ensuring that the dining space is large enough for ‘whole of house’ dining to occur.

Externally, the extension has a simple form, and materials have been selected that do not require painting, thus reducing ongoing maintenance costs for the Department of Communities Tasmania.

Xsquared Architects is proud of our involvement in this vital community housing project.