Cultural + Heritage

Willow Court

4-5 Willow Court

This project involved the conservation and refurbishment of two buildings within the heritage-listed Willow Court building complex to make them suitable for the widest possible variety of potential new uses.  The particular challenge was to do so within a very limited budget whilst still maintaining the highest standards of heritage conservation practise and of architectural quality.  Beyond our ‘behind the scenes’ work of heritage conservation and repair, new works included the installation of new toilets and disabled accessible facilities; new ramps to allow disability access to all parts of both buildings; new data, telephony and power infrastructure; and new heating and lighting.  The success of the refurbishment can be implied from its subsequent use to host the Prime Minister, Boyer’s 75th anniversary celebrations, and Dark Mofo in its first year of operation, and by its ability, in its transformed state, to attract a commercial tenant.