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Victoria Tavern Heritage Apartments


Hobart’s heritage listed Victoria Tavern, built in the 1830s, is a rarity in the CBD – one of the few buildings retaining its original use and name in its original location. The building has undergone several significant renovations, including a major façade makeover in the 1920s. However, in recent years it’s fallen into disrepair, with only the ground floor continuing to be used as a tavern.

Restoring and refurbishing the building involves converting the upper floors into three apartments, and modifications to the ground floor to enable continued use as a tavern. The ability to continue the Victoria Tavern’s 180+ year history of operation is considered one of its most important heritage aspects.

There is little change to the main Murray Street façade, other than repair and ground floor modifications – an appropriate response, given the Victoria Tavern’s contribution to the overall streetscape of upper Murray Street. The 1986 shopfront has no heritage significance and is replaced with a new shopfront more accurately representing the form of the shopfront as it existed in the 1800s, with two entry doorways indicating the divided functionality within.

Internally, the composition of four discrete floors and a basement remains and wherever possible interior structures and joinery are retained so that all periods of change are reflected in the final development.

The Victoria Tavern is an example of a central Hobart hotel trading under the same name for 180+ years from the same premises. This represents a long history in the context of a commercial operation. Ongoing use of the building as hotel premises ensures the building will remain a beloved and recognisable part of the built and hospitality fabric of the city.