Trafalgar Retail Centre

Trafalgar Retail feature

Our brief for this project was to make it more ‘funky’ so that it could achieve the dual ambitions of increasing public visitation and attracting a broader range of high quality tenants.  We introduced a range of warm natural colours, textures, patterns and a completely revised lighting system, in tandem with a new tenancy strategy predicated on opening up shopfronts to the arcade, to achieve a vastly improved ambience.  New flooring and a compressed, dark ceiling have given the common areas a sense of identity and consistency that they previously lacked; highly articulated shopfronts, and increased transparency and openness have allowed retail activity to spill out and enliven the whole arcade; smarter, neater and more attractive amenities enhance the overall retail offer; and super scaled graphics provide a thematic consistency throughout the whole multi-storey space, with the pattern motif repeated across ceiling, wall, balustrades and upper level floor finishes.  These enhancements have resulted in the Centre achieving a completely different feel, much increased visitation and very satisfied tenants.