Southern Remand Centre


Xsquared Architects, working in association with Guymer Bailey Architects, designed the new $85M Southern Remand Centre at Risdon Prison.

Construction of the Southern Remand Centre enabled the State Government to work towards ensuring Tasmania’s compliance with the United Nations minimum standards for sentenced and unsentenced offenders. The new dedicated remand centre allows remandees to be housed separately from sentenced offenders for the first time in Tasmania, further optimising the service delivery of the Tasmania Prison Service.

The precinct provides 156 beds with related support services annexed off the existing Risdon Prison Complex. This project resolves complex design and functional requirements, whilst dealing with a steeply sloping site.

Creating a new benchmark in correctional infrastructure in the state, the Southern Remand Centre aims to provide a calm and safe environment for staff to work in and for Remandees to be accommodated within. The design harnesses natural light, provides connection to landscape, good acoustics and uses an aesthetically inviting palette of colours and materials to create a calm, rehabilitative environment, whilst maintaining strict security and safety requirements.

The buildings provide an open communal living environment with ease of access to physical exercise, recreational activities and controlled access to video conferencing technology for direct contact with family, friends and support services.

This substantial project has been delivered seamlessly by the consultant team through the cloud-based 3D model sharing platform BIM360, allowing consultants to access live models in real time.

Commendation for Public Architecture

At the 2023 Tasmanian Architecture Awards the Southern Remand Centre was awarded a Commendation for Public Architecture.  The jury citation stated:

The Southern Remand Centre (SRC) represents a noteworthy advancement in correctional facility design, addressing the often-neglected building typology with a dignified and people-centric approach. Under the auspice of a trusting institutional client, the architects have successfully created a calming, rehabilitative environment by prioritising natural light, landscape connections, colour and small yet impactful gestures such as window seats and carpet – all while maintaining strict security and safety measures. Focusing on respect and inclusivity, the SRC sets a new hard-won benchmark in correctional facilities.

Photos by Natasha Mulhall