RACV Hotel Room Interiors

Tasmanian Hotel

Xsquared Architects were commissioned to refurbish the exiting hotel rooms of the RACV/RACT Hobart Apartment Hotel, Tasmania.  The brief was to improve the guest experience through the creation of a hospitable, contemporary aesthetic to hotel rooms and corridors on levels 3 to 8, with a unique Tasmanian-centric feel.  the focus of the refurbishment is to be on joinery, carpet, wall and ceiling treatment, window furnishings and furniture.  The apartment hotel foyer and conference facilities were updated recently, which has increased the poor experience the rooms provide.   In particular, the joinery and soft furnishings in the rooms add to a dark and dated appearance.

The apartment hotel rooms are a mix of studio and 1 bedroom, with kitchenette, the top floor level 8, has large suites with decks.  With Hobart’s hotel accommodation booming, providing the best guest experience is key to the future success for a Hotel.

The concept proposed was to create an artwork bedhead that became the focus of the space.  By using Tasmania photography the natural beauty would be part of every room.  The use of natural Tasmanian Oak, in the joinery pieces, provide a contemporary refresh as well as being a Tasmanian design element.   The other materials used are wool carpet, with natural design motifs, colourful resin components to the joinery to add colour, and interest when illuminated.  The resin while not a natural material, has veins of colour, works to provide a connection between the materials in the hotel rooms and the corridors.

Hotel corridor concept focuses on wayfinding and providing new light coloured surfaces to improve light levels.  The new feature materials have been focus around the hotel room doors, to draw the guest toward their door.  By relocating the room number to an adjacent surface the numbers are visible as you walk down the corridor making room finding easier.

The relatively simple changes to the room, new carpet, paint and joinery finishes are a cost-effective and impactful change that can occur while the hotel is still in operation.  Staging of works in occupied buildings are always challenging, however, it is something that Xsquared Architects have signification experience with.