Public Trustee

8-1 Public Trustee

At first glance this office fitout might look similar to other contemporary offices, but the shift from a model of private offices to a more egalitarian, open and transparent space has been a big shift for the Public Trustee.  The true success of this project lies in the fact that this transition has been smoothly achieved.  One of the keys to this success has been the introduction of a two storey glazed-roofed void, linking the organisation, which had previously been separated across two levels, which allows natural light to permeate through the centre of the entire tenancy on both levels.  Open workstations are placed on the perimeter, and casual meeting points and alcoves introduced, so that most workstations have access to views and natural light.  A palette of natural materials and Tasmanian timbers provides a natural ambience and filters views through the workplace and to the city beyond.