Peacock Centre Redevelopment

1838 200731 Peacock Centre Architectural IFC

Peacock Centre – Mental Health Facility Redevelopment

Xsquared Architects have been commissioned to design and document the redevelopment of the Peacock Centre.  This refurbishment follows the tragic fire which severely damaged an iconic building and disrupted an essential mental health service.

The project returns an important range of services to our community.  It also sees the heritage building, Ruardean, restored to its original condition, including its extensive grounds and landscaping.  The redevelopment will also see the property returned to operation as an integrated mental health services hub, supporting our most vulnerable people in community based care.

In particular the project showcases a “gold standard” of mental health care under a model of care that is new to Tasmania.  As part of this approach we have incorporated important aspects of the WELL Building Standard into the design, covering all of the ten aspects of health and wellbeing included in that assessment tool.  Heritage restoration to the original buildings, once thought to be too badly damaged to be repaired, will also be to best practice requirements and will return the building to the same condition that it was in at the time of its construction by Dr. Peacock – its original owner.