Operations Building Refurbishment – Davis research station

Davis 1

Davis research station, located in Antarctica, is operated by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD).  Much of the existing infrastructure is ageing, so there is a need to upgrade the sleeping quarters and increase capacity.

Xsquared Architects was commissioned to design the internal refurbishment of the existing Operations Building. The refurbishment included converting shared sleeping accommodation into private, single occupant sleeping accommodation, as well as refurbishment to the Station Leader’s office and other spaces within the existing building.

Materials were chosen to be an easy to install, panelised kit of parts for all rooms. Pinnable surfaces and open shelves allow occupants to personalise their spaces.

Lighting design was a focus of the project, to provide both warm and cool lighting to help occupants wake up or go to sleep during the winter months, where there is no sunlight for up to 6 weeks. This is known as circadian rhythm lighting.  Multiple light fixtures are used to provide direct lighting, as well as indirect up lighting.

Acoustic separation is needed in the sleeping quarters as expeditioners are not all working the same hours. Fire is also a major risk in a remote location, so the new walls and materials all work to minimise the spread of fire.

Construction of the refurbishment is simple as AAD will be undertaking the works themselves. By using repeated details, construction and maintenance is as simple as possible.