North West Regional Hospital Raised Helicopter Landing Site


In 2016 Xsquared Architects were commissioned to design a Raised Helicopter Landing Site for the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie.

The Helicopter Landing Site is a very technically challenging project with strict aviation requirements including flight path definition within the existing topography.  In particular, lighting and control is state of the art – night vision compliant – and can be controlled remotely from the approaching helicopter.  This specialist lighting system, including the control module, was designed and fabricated in the USA.

The landing platform itself is not only elevated but is formed with an all-way camber to facilitate drainage, and its support structure carefully straddles car parking bays underneath.  Located adjacent to the existing hospital, a prefabricated entry bridge links the platform to the hospital and provides direct access to the Emergency Department from the Landing Site.

The project was successfully commissioned early in March 2017 and has seen regular use over the following months.  It is the most advanced Helicopter Landing Site in Tasmania and has provided the model for a second project for a similar platform at the Mersey Hospital.