New Town High School

25-3 New Town High School

Our concept design for improvements to the heritage-listed New Town High School, including a new main entry, administration building, toilets and access, proposed re-orienting the building to create a new front at the traditional back of the building.  Historically, arrivals and departures have occurred on the side of the building away from the formal existing main entrance, and to the south where it is often shaded and dark.  The iconic tower, marking the arrival point, is therefore also on the side of the building where it cannot be seen at arrival.  Our concept proposed a connection between a new entrance and the existing tower via a new translucent atrium that exposes and allows an enhanced reading of the tower as a key heritage-significant organisational device.  The upper atrium level provides primary access with social hubs (semi-private areas) for students located along it.  The voids between upper and lower levels allow sunlight penetration and visual connectivity with the lower floor from where primary circulation to teaching spaces and ground floor courtyards occurs.