New Town High School 3D Masterplan

New Town High Masterplan

Xsquared Architects prepared a 3D site Masterplan during an expression of interest process for New Town High School, located in greater Hobart.

Our brief for the Masterplan was to work with the existing heritage listed buildings but to accommodate new accommodation and facilities; reverse the existing primary entry and approach since 90% of pedestrian entries to the site were from the “back” of the building; and resolve complex traffic management requirements that included accommodation of a live rail corridor and high volume peak drop off and pick up vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows.

Masterplan documents were presented in a 3D graphic style that aided comprehension and were conducive to feedback.  Documents were also produced, again in 3D, to a high degree of detail that illustrated a range of the functional attributes of the new Masterplan proposal.

Image by Xsquared Architects