Macquarie Island Modernisation Project

MIMP Site Plan

One of our most exciting and unusual projects to date is the Macquarie Island Modernisation Project. This is a unique opportunity to renew and redevelop the research station’s facilities and infrastructure on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island, located halfway between Tasmania and Antarctica.

The research station was built in 1948 and many of the existing 48 buildings are outdated or no longer fit for purpose and need decommissioning, refurbishment and/or replacement.

Project challenges and constraints include:

  • Specification and detailing of materials able to withstand the harsh climatic conditions
  • Designing components into a kit-of-parts for constructability (such as prefabrication where possible), ease of transport and assembly
  • Supply logistics, where timing of resupply can only occur once a year and in the absence of a physical port, wharf or pier on site.

This project encompasses a full BIM delivery model. Given the project’s remote location, it’s essential to correctly and accurately document the design to enable trouble-free construction on site, especially given the logistical challenges. This project builds on and cements Xsquared Architect’s leading position within the BIM field in Tasmania.

Due to the complexities of the project and the need for the research station to remain operable, construction will be a staged process over the next five to six years.

Xsquared Architects is delighted to be involved in such a significant project in a world heritage area to enable the ongoing, sustainable operation of this vitally important research station.