Department of Justice – Rosny


Located within a 1980s building that was designed as a number of squares arranged around three courtyards, this building is currently tenanted by Worksafe Tasmania, Building Standards and Occupational Licensing, and Mineral Resources Tasmania.

At the outset of this project the building had poor and inefficient internal planning, with a myriad of perimeter offices, a labyrinth of internal corridors, and poor natural daylight penetration into the interior.  We were engaged to rework the layout and update it for the years ahead, including improving disability access.  By creating large open areas with discreet quiet zones it has been possible to improve both the amenity and the efficiency of the internal planning to such an extent that an additional three business units have been able to be accommodated.  The design creates a dynamic new staff collaboration space at its centre, with workstations arrayed out from it to provide an improved outlook and working environment for all.