Cockerill House

MSA_Doyle Ave-4

The owners of this house first approached Peter Scott Architects in 2004 to renovate their kitchen.

Through the client briefing sessions, it became clear to Peter that the family, in fact, needed an additional bedroom, ensuite, and garage, along with the requested new kitchen and new rear deck.

Stage I was designed and documented by Peter Scott Architects.  Stage I works were confirmed to the southern end of the existing red brick house.  The addition to the southern end of the home created a strong presence on the street.  The existing dwelling is located below street level due to the fall in the landscape; the addition creates a front door closer to the footpath, and level car parking access onsite.

Stage I was constructed by John Dalco & Sons during September 2006 to April 2007

The owners then returned 6 years later and Peter Scott, now a director at Xsquared Architects, began stage II.  The clients had grown and their needs were a little different to what had been designed 6 years ago, so the kitchen, living & dining space design was developed, and changed from what had been proposed previously.

Stage II works occurred to the Northern End of the existing red brick dwelling.   The works include a new kitchen and re-invigorating the existing lounge and dining space, with a connection to the existing refurbished timber deck.  The design concept that was developed in Stage I is being continued in the Stage II works, a strong axis through the building has been created with a sloped ceiling plane.  The feature colour in Stage II weaves from the ceiling plane through the new kitchen.

The stage II works, provide the family with much-needed kitchen functionality and space.  Construction was completed by Cordwell Lane Builders in July 2016.

It is envisaged that Cockerill House will have a Stage III.  The rear deck and associated roof and garden stair are yet to be built but are pencilled in for 5 years’ time.