144 Macquarie Street Interior Design

20-4 Accurium

144 Macquarie Street occupies a prime position in the Hobart commercial office market, but after 40 years the building’s interior design needed significant upgrades to meet contemporary tenant expectations.  This created an opportunity to re-present the building to new and existing tenants through a themed suite of internal refurbishments.  Central to these works was the re-design and refurbishment of public spaces within the buildings, particularly the entry lobby and upper floor lift lobbies.  Our approach was to contemporise the feel of the building – something a bit less 1970s retro and a bit more twenty-first century.  Within this overall approach however, with colour and material choices related to new external treatments, we introduced variety across all floors and a unique ambience to the building entrance space.  We were also able to introduce a consistent floor and ceiling material palette across all tenancies so that the interior design across all floors hangs together as a consistent aesthetic whole.