Caretakers Cottage

Caretakers Cottage UTAS

The Caretakers cottage is a small, derelict, weatherboard building situated on the heights of the University Rose Gardens, Hobart. The cottage is heritage listed, creating a significant social status within the immediate suburb of Glebe. Its primary facade faces toward the Brooker Highway and newly erected bicycle/pedestrian bridge. Therefore, the cottages’ access and presence to both UTAS campus users and the general public is crucial, as it presents itself as a node between the city and Domain campus. The site upon which the cottage sits, signals a further complexity for accessibility, due to an approximate height difference of 5.8 meters within the site. The proposed plan includes ramping which results in ‘social’ terracing along the existing contours, and subsequently enhances the existing cottages’ primary facade.

Two small undercover areas are proposed at both entryways of the cottage for pedestrians to seek shelter. They are represented with contrasting materials which clearly convey additions to the cottage, yet the proposed form delineates from the existing, surrounding architecture. Both undercover areas allow foot traffic through the existing building and movement through the site.

The cottage is seeking restoration and appropriate re-purposing with the nearby Domain campus in mind. The floor-plan of the cottage seeks to retain the main internal layout, consisting of four main rooms and two, doubled sided brick fireplaces situated between rooms acting as anchor points. A small attic space accessed by original stairs at the rear of the cottage will also be retained. Where necessary, transparent, glass divisions will be created to allow light to pass through to neighboring spaces. Currently, the presented options are offices, teaching/learning spaces, or study hub/coffee shop.