Premier opens revitalised Peacock Centre

Peacock Centre external view from new wing

A revitalised Peacock Centre was officially opened by the Premier, Jeremy Rockliff, yesterday. Describing the Centre as a ‘contemporary world-leading facility to support people in our community that require help, but most importantly, are supported with dignity, respect and in non-judgement’, the Premier said that the Centre transforms mental health services being delivered in southern Tasmania.

Xsquared Architects worked closely with the Department of Health to ensure best practice design for mental health care drove the architectural response; creating a light filled, calm and welcoming environment with a residential ambience. The WELL Building Standard, which provides a focus on the health and wellbeing of users and residents, was used as a benchmark for the project, and is reflected in every aspect of the design.

At the same time, extensive heritage restoration of Ruardean, the original building on the property, and its greenhouse and gardens, formerly the home of Dr W.D. Peacock, reinstates this much-loved community asset and makes good extensive fire damage caused by significant arson attacks in 2016 and 2021.

An unsympathetic 1960s addition to Ruardean was demolished and replaced with a new two storey building adjoining the west side. Incorporating curved elements as a counterpoint to the rigid, historic forms of Ruardean, the composition of the new building focusses on warmth, daylight, a soothing colour palette, natural materials and a connection to the outdoor environment. The contemporary new wing recedes into the slope of the land as it climbs towards Elphinstone Road, integrating with the site and respecting the prominence of the original home.

The opening was featured on 7 News.

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