Point Cloud Survey


Point Cloud Survey – School of Architecture and Design

Point cloud survey technology is helping us to design modifications to the UTAS School of Architecture and Design at Inveresk.

When utilising 3D digital data for architecture and design, we usually think about a series of 3D planes that help us visualise a project. Point cloud, however, is a series of small, data points recorded in space that when viewed as a cluster, represent a whole. The building’s data is simultaneously captured through a colour photogrammetry survey, creating a life like, colour representation of the building. The survey consists of many images and points being captured by a pivoting 3D scanner.

Once data is collated, the points are spatially calculated and seamlessly merged enabling is to move through the building. This type of 3D survey allows us to conduct a thorough analysis, especillay for an existing heritage building like the UTAS School of Architecture and Design.

Working with a point cloud survey enables discrepancies to be viewed in a straightforward manner due to being virtually ‘on site’. Being able to virtually view the School of Architecture and Design makes understanding the project easier. This is especially true for any sub-consultants or design team members located outside of the state. The point cloud data is also used in conjunction with Xsquared’s regular BIM program. Using BIM and point cloud in parallel helps the design team to identify potential issues before they occur or understand any discrepancies within proposed drawings from both sub-consultants and/or within the design team.

Point cloud is proving to be an essential and valuable tool to both Xsquared Architects and our collaborators BVN Architects, Sydney. Take a ‘walk’ through the existing UTAS School of Architecture and Design.