Xsquared Architects Partnership with Theatre Royal


Xsquared Architects commits to their ongoing partnership with the Theatre Royal in 2018.

Xsquared Architects have shown their ongoing support for the performing arts in Tasmania through their close support for the Theatre Royal for the last seven years, assisting them to bring the following performances to Hobart:

  • 2011: ‘This Uncharted Hour’ – a play by Finegan Kruckemeyer
  • 2012: ‘CIRCA’ – contemporary circus
  • 2013: ‘The Table of Knowledge’ – a play by Version 1.0
  • 2014: ‘Lake’ – dance theatre by Lisa Wilson
  • 2015: ‘De Novo’ – Sydney Dance Company
  • 2016: ‘The Wharf Revue’ – comedy by Sydney Theatre Company
  • 2017: ‘The Merchant of Venice’ – Bell Shakespeare

In 2018, Xsquared Architects have the pleasure of supporting the Theatre Royal to bring the Australian Dance Theatre production ‘The Beginning of Nature’ to Hobart.

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