Linear Park Apartments

13-3 Linear Park Apartments

This project involved the insertion of a new multi-residential and mixed use development on the site of the heritage-listed Dr. Plaister Aquatic House on Collins Street in Hobart.  We argued strongly for the retention of the existing building on the site and for utilising the footprint of the open air swimming pool for new development, thus giving the project complexity and interest, while addressing the cultural heritage of the site appropriately.  The housing comprises 25 one, two and three bedroom apartments and the existing building is converted to office/retail use.  The site issues of adjacent and overlooking neighbours, acoustics, flood risk, and access required careful consideration.  Apartments utilize a ‘small footprint’ design, which maximizes spatial efficiencies but skilfully incorporates balconies, views and solar access for all units.  The new building is woven around these constraints to maintain maximum amenity whilst retaining the significant heritage elements of the site.