Under Construction

Lands Building Major Office Redevelopment

HY Lands Building

Xsquared Architects has been commissioned to design and document an all of office building refurbishment of the Lands Building at 134 Macquarie Street. This is a substantial project for the Department of Primary Industries Parks, Water and the Environment, all 11 floors of the office building are being changed.   Xsquared Architects have created a standardised floor layout to provide each branch with the same level of amenity, this has occurred by involving the different client groups in extensive consultation and dialogue.

Office Design

The typical floors have extensive feature timber.  This timber has been sourced from locally.   SmarkOak, a laminated veneer timber produce engineered from Tasmanian Oak, this is being used in joinery throughout the project.

To accommodate the increased number of DPIPWE staff on each floor, new electronic sit to stand workstations have been procured from UCI.   The new workstations have the latest technology and ergonomics, allowing staff to adjust their desk as needed.

Art in Public Buildings

As part of the Tasmanian State Government commitment to the arts, the Lands Building has two pieces of artwork from local artists.

Boardroom Table by Simon Anchor and Matt Prince. 

The designers have drawn inspiration from Tasmania’s maritime history; incorporating streamlined forms that reference boat hulls, keels, and construction techniques. Such construction techniques can be very useful when trying to produce a built form that exudes strength and integrity but also lightness and sophistication.

Foyer Art by Tony Bacic

The concept draws inspiration from the topography of Tasmania in the form of lucid organic line work which depicts abstract interpretations of flora, fauna and natural icons. The artwork is designed to celebrate the cultural and environmental richness of Tasmania. While the gentle sweeping forms pay homage to modernist artists.

Under Construction

Hansen Yuncken is the head contractor, the project will be constructed in 4 stages over 15 months.  The building will remain occupied during the works.   Construction is currently underway and is due for completion in December 2020.