Fragrance Davey Street Hotel


Leading Singaporean developer Fragrance Group have engaged Xsquared Architects to design and submit a development application for a 424 room five-star hotel on the site at 28-30 Davey Street, Hobart.

Hotel accommodation is supported by a range of luxury amenities including a swimming pool, sauna, day spa, gym, cafe and restaurants.  Two restaurants on the 32nd floor will have commanding panoramic views of the waterfront, river, mountain and surrounding areas.

In addition Fragrance Group have proposed a number of community benefits:

  • A showcase building of the highest possible quality
  • A building with world leading 6 star Green Star certified environmental sustainability
  • A significant positive economic impact, both during construction and in operation, with close to 600 jobs created during construction and more than 300 FTE jobs permanently added to the Hobart economy once operations begin
  • The incorporation of a new pedestrian link below Davey Street that would allow uninterrupted pedestrian access from the Hobart CBD via Franklin Square to the waterfront
  • The improvement of Brooke Street and of the pedestrian route along Brooke Street to Davey Street (and vice versa) through a range of urban design initiatives
  • The availability of a dedicated community events floor on the 31st floor with commanding panoramic views
  • The interpretation of the significant cultural heritage of the site, including it being part of the grounds of the old Government House and of the site of the Risby Timber Yard
  • The use of, and showcase of, unique Tasmanian timbers in the fit out and finish of the building
  • The use of, and showcase of, unique endemic Tasmanian plants throughout the sky gardens in the building

The hotel in detail

The Hotel comprises 424 hotel rooms ranging from ‘standard’ five-star rooms of around 20-26 sqm to a Presidential Suite of some 240 sqm on the uppermost guest floor.

The proposed building would rise some 126m above Davey Street to roof level.  Above roof level there is a permeable ‘roof’ structure that supports photovoltaic panels for on-site power generation, and which rises around 21m to the base of a corner mast which rises another 17m.  Below Davey Street there are an additional six levels, with four of these below the Despard Street level.

The form of the building comprises a ‘podium’ that spans across the 6m change of level between Davey Street and Despard/Brooke Streets and rises some 17m above Davey Street.  This element of the building is highly detailed and activated with high levels of movement anticipated and visible through extensive glazing.  Significant excisions in the building, including off Brooke Street and above the entry level on Davey Street, make activity and movement even more highly visible.  The scale of the ‘podium’ establishes a relationship with adjoining smaller scale multi-story buildings such as the Hobart City Council building.  Floors within the podium accommodate entry and reception functions as well as a wide range of hotel amenities (such as the swimming pool, day spa, and the like), a hotel restaurant and public cafe and delivery and parking entry functions.  95 car parking spaces are accommodated below ground.

Above the podium an articulated, faceted tower accommodates guest rooms, with the community events floor and publicly accessible restaurants on the uppermost levels, and plant and lift motor rooms above.  The building’s surface is punctuated by urban-scale sky gardens on the city side that provide a visual link to the trees and vegetation within Franklin Square, and by more detailed, room-scale outdent balconies that fragment the facade and make the overall form of the building more fluid.

The prismatic ‘roof’ structure forms a signature for the building and accommodates photovoltaic panels, angled for optimum performance.