Coffey Business Centre

7-1 Coffey

The Coffey Business Centre was designed specifically to embed environmentally sustainable features and permanent energy efficiency improvements into the building.  The thermal mass of the existing concrete structure was coupled with a unique mechanical system so that daytime heating/cooling requirements were minimised and nighttime ‘purging’ returned the interior to comfort conditions ready for re-occupation in the morning.  High volumes of fresh air and low VOC finishes also provide high levels of indoor air quality.  Task-specific energy efficient lighting was designed to minimise artificial lighting demand, which has the dual effect of providing a striking and stimulating internal visual environment, and natural light and outlook from open work areas is maximised.  The thermal efficiency of the building envelope was also vastly improved with the addition of insulation, double glazing and low-e films for the control of heat gain and loss.  Interior materials are recycled and recyclable; construction is modular and demountable; and there are minimal applied finishes.