School major redevelopment project won

19-9 Sandy Bay Infant School

Austins Ferry Primary School redevelopment

Xsquared Architects has been confirmed as lead consultant for the Austins Ferry Primary School Major Redevelopment.  The project involves construction of seven new general learning areas (GLA) and extensive civil and landscaping works.

The design will incorporate cutting edge kinder and prep-age specific learning environments, closely integrated with exterior landscaping and play areas and with a link to the MONA 24 Carrot Garden on the site.  One of the GLAs will specifically include food preparation and cooking facilities so that students can incorporate the growing, preparation and eating of their own food into their learning curriculum.  The area around this GLA will be a community focus for major School events.  Another GLA will be designed to accommodate Launch into Learning and act as an intermediary space for young students and their parents as they engage with the facility for the first time.  These additions will help to embed this relatively new School into the community fabric of the area.

Construction completion is slated for December 2017 to meet an anticipated enlarged 2018 enrolment.