Archaeology at 36 Argyle Street

Argyle Hotel Archaeology

Archaeology in Argyle Street Hobart

The Archaeology works have been completed ahead of the commencement of construction at 36 Argyle Street.  The Vibe Hotel and mixed-use project at 36 Argyle Street, Hobart is an exciting development in the heart of the Hobart CBD, design by Xsquared Architects.  The mixed-use development will include a 115 room, 4.5-star Vibe Hotel, a well as 4 floors of office accommodation, conference suite, pool, gym and restaurant.

The Archaeology has uncovered footings of buildings that have previously been demolished.  The site most recently has been a vacant parking lot, the site is bounded on one side by the Hobart rivulet (now underground).  The desktop historical analysis shows that the land was owned by Anthony Fenn Kemp from the 1820’s.  By the 1830’s a large building was built adjacent to the rivulet, a timber building was added during the 1830’s.  There then appears to be little additional development on the site prior to 1908.  By the 1920’s several small scale industrial buildings had been constructed facing Argyle Street.  By 1938 the land had been acquired by Heathorn’s motor company and an Art-Deco style showroom was built.  This building was demolished prior to 1955 to make way for the current 43 story building at 34 Argyle Street, the site was cleared to create the parking lot.

The site will now be prepared for construction to commence.  Vos Construction and Joinery are the head contractor of the RAADAS Property Development.

An Article was published on the ABC News Website, covering the history of the site.

Argyle Hotel Archaeology  Argyle Hotel Archaeology